Tips to Accept Your Body (Especially With Age)


You look in the mirror.

Or catch a glance of your body as you get out of the shower.

And you’re like, “UUUUUUGH”. Maybe not exactly what you’d hoped for but it’s where you’re at.

Seldom do we have positive messages going through our mind when we think of our bodies. Especially when we see a younger version of ourselves in the photos of our svelte younger relatives and friends rocking their abds on social media. Ok minus the abs part but at least 40 pounds ago. Ya know what I mean?

So, what if you wanted to find a way to turn it around a bit to work on accepting the physicality of you? Because that means you’re less stressed, which means you have less inflammation, and we all agree that’s a good thing.

You got 8 things to try to help accept your body.

  1. Appreciate what you can
  2. Show gratitude for the chance to grow older.
  3. Remember what you see in the mirror reflects your incredible journey.
  4. Recognize you’re more than your body; focus on your positive attributes.
  5. Embrace the complete package of “you” and what you bring to this world.
  6. Do the “Mirror Challenge”. Look in a full-length mirror and find 3 things you like about your body. You can train yourself to focus on the positive instead of drifting towards that familiar, negative self-talk. It’s normal to like some parts of ourselves better than others.
  7. Be as gentle and supportive to yourself as you would to someone you love.
  8. Strive to change what you want and can, little by little, while being your own best cheerleader.

Change what you can, with the energy and drive you have, keep chipping away with what’s important, and accept the rest. And when you get stuck, talk with someone who can help, whether it be a diabetes care and education specialist, your trusted friend, your provider, or a therapist who can help you sort it out. And definitely, stay sweet!


You won’t find happiness in a skinny pair of jeans.
~Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin

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