Setting G.O.A.L.S.


Wouldn’t it be nice to push a “restart” button and change unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits?  

Use the follow strategies (G.O.A.L.S.) to point you in the right direction: 

G: Get Ready

Success takes preparation. Implementing healthy behaviors is no exception. I encourage small steps to prevent feeling overwhelmed. For example, pick one dietary habit at a time to change. 

O: Opt for Vegetables at Each Meal

Current recommendations for good health are to incorporate a minimum of 3 cups of vegetables daily into the diet. Splitting this amount into 1 cup increments at all meals (even breakfast – yes!) makes the task less daunting and more attainable.

A: Add and Adjust Exercise

The body quickly adapts to exercise and will use the least amount of energy needed to sustain the activity. Use the “Talk-Sing” test while exercising to hit the right intensity. This means you should be able to carry on a conversation, but not be able to belt out your favorite tune! 

L: Learn to Slow Down:

It takes roughly twenty minutes for the brain and stomach to talk to each other to establish fullness. If you slow your rate of eating, you might find a smaller portion is satisfying and that can also fair favorably on your waistline! Ask yourself if you’re satisfied or stuffed. Aim to stop eating when you’ve reached the “satisfied” phase before the feeling stuffed phase.

S: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Certain hormones in our body are influenced by our sleep patterns. If we fail to get 6-8 hours of sleep consistently, these hormones will have a tough time regulating appetite, fullness and even blood sugar levels. Try to go to sleep nightly at the same time and avoid distractions (electronic devices, caffeine, and alcohol) close to bedtime for peaceful slumber!

Taking these steps can help you get pointed in the right direction. Remember to keep your goals achievable – something that you CAN accomplish!

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