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Theresa Garnero Is Gifted In Helping People Find Wellness, Regardless Of Their Blood Sugar.

Are you looking for something different? Something beyond all the cookie cutter programs out there?

That’s why I founded the Sweet People Club. To bring science-based info in such a way that the content is fun while providing friendly support along the way.

You’ll never get robotic type replies from the Sweet People Club. That’s because we offer real-time access where you can see us face-to-face via Zoom video conferencing in addition to answering in-lesson questions.

As a diabetes nurse educator, author and illustrator, I blend science with art and add a touch of humor to help ease the burden for those living with prediabetes and diabetes. I cherish discovering significant ways to improve quality of life by helping one person at a time with individual guidance, or many through systems improvements like employee wellness. My approach is creative, innovative, and effective. 

I absolutely love collaborating to break down barriers and finding new paths that help achieve meaningful solutions. Whether you aim to provide a virtual platform to improve employee wellness at your organization or are designing a product to make the prediabetes and diabetes world a better place to live in, my expertise can assist you in reaching your goal.

Let’s help people find their path to wellness together.

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Theresa Garnero
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