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Theresa Garnero is a Talented Diabetes Nurse Educator & Author.

As a diabetes nurse educator and illustrator, I blend science with art and add a touch of humor to help ease the burden for those living with prediabetes and diabetes. I cherish discovering significant ways to improve quality of life by helping one person at a time with individual guidance, or many through systems improvements including technology. My approach is creative, innovative, and effective.

I absolutely love collaborating to break down barriers and finding new paths that help achieve meaningful solutions. Whether you are designing a product to make the prediabetes and diabetes world a better place to live in, or looking for guest experts to boost your authority and reach online, my expertise can assist you in reaching your goal.

I also believe in transparency with my efforts to reach more people at risk for diabetes by collaborating with colleagues.

Collaborators, content providers and/or other third parties (the “Contributors”) may promote Sweet People Club’s products and services offered on its Website through customer subscriptions in exchange for a finder’s fee [up to twenty-five percent (25%) of subscription fees earned and collected from referred customers], but only if the Contributors coach their participants from within the Sweet People Club membership program. The intent is to extend the program to colleagues/contributors so they can help their participants. Any such relationship between Sweet People Club and other Contributors wherein there is a finder’s fee involved to help both parties access and sustain the program, are listed here:

Orthopedic Sports Therapy, Tempe, AZ

Dr. Haleh Bassiri, Monterey, CA

Let’s help turn the tide of the tsunami of people, who without intervention, are on their way to get type 2 diabetes. 

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