About The Sweet People Club

The Sweet People Club is an information and community site focused on proactively managing the often misunderstood diagnosis of prediabates.

So many people who are diagnosed with prediabetes don’t really understand what that means for them. Or worse, they’re scared of finding out because they’ve been told some tall tales or stumbled across incorrect information – which is all too easily done online. Often they’ll believe that once you’re diagnosed with prediabetes it’s only a matter of time before you advance to diabetes itself. 

And that’s just not the case.

Or at least it doesn’t have to be.

And that’s the true mission of the Sweet People Club – to show people that prediabetes is nothing more than a fork in the road.

You can choose to take no action and ignore it, and your worst fears may come to pass. But you can also choose to take some small actions now and slow down the progression toward diabetes. In fact, it may even be possible to reverse prediabetes entirely.

Yes! Let me say that again – it may be possible to reverse prediabetes entirely.

But to do that, you’re gonna need reliable and accurate information, thoughtful planning and management, and a whole lot of support and encouragement.

The goal of the Sweet People Club is to make sure you’re getting access to all those things.

So that you can build a future where you’re beating prediabetes. A future where you’re LIVING with prediabetes. Not suffering from it, or coping with it, or anything less than thoroughly enjoying your life – with prediabetes!

What’s next? Get to know the Sweet People Club founder, Theresa Garnero and read her amazing prediabetes story.

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