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Where Prediabetes or Type 2
Becomes Your Path to Wellness

Dealing with high blood sugar is a pain and it’s scary.

In the back of your mind is the worry of what could go wrong. You need to eat but is what you’re eating helping or not? It’s so confusing given all the conflicting information out there which is why it’s a national standard to get education about it!

Sure, completing diabetes education can lower A1C up to 2% and improve weight but it takes more time than most can afford to make it to all those classes. That’s why the Sweet People Club exists: to bring you quality education, access to experts and support at a time that’s convenient for you in this all online, interactive program.

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Members get to:

  • Work with caring diabetes experts
  • Learn how to stay safe and as healthy as possible
  • Watch the fun and engaging videos that cover all prediabetes & type 2 topics
  • Ask questions inside the course 24/7
  • Meet real-time with a dietitian twice a month (virtually by phone or video call)

This is about you and we’re here to help. Read on.


“I really think this is an amazing course — even better than in-person classes! The Sweet People Club’s engaging videos and comprehensive support helped me to embrace a healthy lifestyle. I love watching the videos on my phone because I can watch while I walk. I know what to eat and my blood sugars are ideal. Such an amazing resource!”

—Lorraine S.

Latest Posts

“Hello Sweeties! I am Theresa, diabetes care and education specialist, nurse, and founder of the Sweet People Club.

So many people believe a diagnosis of prediabetes or type 2 guarantees a future filled with gloom and doom, and food so bland that even your dog turns its nose up!

NONE of that needs to be YOUR future! And I am going to prove that to you as both a medical professional and as someone diagnosed with prediabetes. Yup! I am a Sweetie too!”

– Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, DCES

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